Original by BluMaan Styling Meraki 74 ml/2.5 oz (Classic)

imagen grande Original by BluMaan Styling Meraki 74 )

LIGHTWEIGHT, ALL-DAY HOLD: Authentic, lasting hold without the typical stiff or heavy hair texture., MATTE FINISH: Non-greasy, non-shiny. Gives it the look like there's "nothing in your hair", HEAT RESISTANT: Hand selected ingredient blend to protect hair from frizzy heat damage., PLIABLE, EASY-TO-APPLY: Buttery, creamy texture Easily restyled throughout the day while maintaining hold., NATURALLY BASED FORMULA: Bees wax, plant wax based formula Paraben-free, Sulphate-free.

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Over 500,000 people played a part in creating this amazing productIt's no wonder people are calling BluMaan Original the best men's hair product of all time.

How is This Better Than The Other Products?

This product took months of work to create exactly what the online style community asked for.

Original by BluMaan is as close to the consensus of an ideal product as we could possibly make itI mean for real"¦ it took 5 different teams of chemists to come up with a product we"™re proud to present.

How Long Does it Hold?

Holds for between 10 hours to up-to 2 days!

In our tests Original held for between 10 hours and 2 days, depending on the hair type.

We have tested the product on a dozen knowledgeable community members and the results were that the product held for significantly longer than other popular productsThat being said, keep in mind that there are tons of hair types so hold might vary depending.

Some may give more or less hold than the people tested so far.


THIS product is specially DESIGNED to be used before and after you blow dry your hairIt can also be used as pre OR post-styler if desired.

    STEP 1: If using as a pre-styler, apply to damp hair.

    The product has a built in heat protectantThoroughly rub the desired amount of Styling Meraki in hands until evenly distributed. 

    STEP 2: Apply an even coating to hair.

    STEP 3: Blow dry to desired style.

    STEP 4: Apply a finishing layer of Styling Meraki.

    Generally, less product is required for dry hair compared to damp. 

Made in the USA

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Fecha actualizado : 01/06/2018


Características y especificaciones de Original by BluMaan Styling Meraki 74 ml/2.5 oz

Tamaño : 3,61 x 7,01 x 6,81 cms. ( Alto x Largo x Ancho )

Color: Classic

Fabricante :BluMaan

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